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Deadstock vs Dead Stock

"What is deadstock?" is the second most asked question we get after "Will this fit me?"

So here it is, plain and simple. Ā Deadstock is a term used solely in the vintage industry. It refers to an item of clothing with its original tags in new, unworn condition and it is usually found out in the wild.

Technically DeadstockĀ could be "Dead Stock," but not all "Dead Stock" is "Deadstock," have we confused you, yet?

Dead StockĀ  not always, but usually, has a negative connotation. This 2-word phrase does not refer to solely vintage inventory, and in fact, it can be any item, in any retail setting - not just fashion. It is used when referring to items that are no longer for sale, OR rather, items in a store that just could not, and did not sell. In other words, there was no demand, and as a result, there was a loss to the vendor. These items are usually taken off the floor or website and are no longer for sale. For example, you know when you go to a thrift store and find 30 of the exact same shirt from Walmart? Dead Stock. Even Goodwill can't sell it.

Good old Shopify has a great article discussing this, and why you do not want dead stock in your shop.

The Vintage Fashion Guild also has a write-up but here, they don't acknowledge Dead Stock (2 words). In general, VFG is the go-to OG resource for all questions regarding anything vintage. Such a wonderful community and a vast source of valuable information.

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